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Sonja Radojkovich
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Sonja Radojkovic

A world touring pianist from Belgrade 22/10 at 7pm, free admission

   We are proud to welcome you to an amazing evening at Gallery & More, tomorrow 22/10 at 7pm, as Sonja Radojkovic, a world touring pianist from Belgrade, will honor us with her presence and her beautiful, soul touching classical piano music.

   Sonja Radojkovich has an active solistic career. She has begun giving numerous solo concerts as well as appearing with orchestras in Yugoslavia and Russia. Lately, she plays twice a year at Concert Hall of Kolarac in Belgrade, her appearances attracting attention. Composer Slobodan Atanackovic says:" Her appearances show her uncommon erudition, technical skill nearing musical works, both in piano and orchestra literature. Her uotstanding exuberant temperament marks a new sensibility and a new era dynamism. With diplomas from the best schools, with her talent, erudition and her brilliant knowledge of piano technique Sonja Radojkovic is a new force in our music life." She works at a Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade at Department of Conducting and at the Faculty of Musical Arts in Pristina and is a guest professor of many world universities such as in Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Canada, France and many more.