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Christo Kuzmanov


11th august at 6pm.

Gothenborg-based Christo Kuzmanov, a graduate of University of Architecture & Art, Sofia, was born in 1968, and grew up in Varna, Bulgaria.

His latest work is a multimedia blend that combines analog and digital painting on canvas and plywood. Christo explores the currency of advertisements for popular music artist and street posters from post-communist society. By painting lushly on top of them he expropriates their surface, language and semantics. Hijacking material from the public domain and obscuring them, Christo further complicates the everyday transaction of images by taking away the content they are supposed to advertise. All compositions venture into various configurations of spatial expression created by the superimposition of layers of paint and layers of digital prints - marks scanned, collaged, re-photographed, printed, over-painted - the result is a work that occupies a space between painting and its digital double, leaving a picture plane marked by an expressive paint puddles and saturated strokes, a combination of his on drawings and oil paintings on the top.

Christo Kuzmanov has participated in a variety of solo exhibitions and art fairs, including Art Fair Gothenburg, Art Ville Coupenhagen and venues such as Saatchi Gallery (London), BG Cultural Institute (Berlin) and Agora Gallery (New York). His work can be found in corporate collections throughout Europe, as well as in private collections worldwide.