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My name is Fredrik Thorsén. I am a professional artist and painter.


I work with the traditional approach to realism; to paint nature as humbly as I can, because in there you can capture the humanist spirit of western art.


In my belive, the best way to become a better painter in its technical term, is by learning from the great masters such as Rembrandt, Valasquez and Sargent. For that reason, I went to the Florence Academy of Art for a four year period where I graduated in 2007. During my time as an artist, I have been rewarded with several scholarships.



Training in the arts


2004-2008 The Florence Academy of Art, Italy


2003 Gothenburg art school, Sweden


1999-2000 High School, art education, USA


1999-2000 University, art education, USA


1997-2000 Schillerska Gymnasium, Art Programme, Sweden





2004-2006 Makarna Lindeqvists Donation




Teacher in the arts

2006-2008 Bjäremålarna, Båstad


2007-2008 Florence Academy of Art


2007 ABF


2005-2006 Art and team management





2011 BK Contemporary Showroom, Warsaw, Poland


2011 Sweden Culture Days, Warsaw, Poland


2006-2011 Norrvikens Gardens, Båstad, Sweden


2009 Florence Academy alumni show, Gothenburg, Sweden


2008 Scandic Anglais, Stockholm, Sweden


2008 Battle Of The Arts, Stockholm, Sweden *Winner 2008


2008 Gallery Scandinavia, Gothenburg, Sweden


2007 K. Åbergs konsthandel, Gothenburg, Sweden


2007 Florence Academy alumni show, Sweden


2007-2008 Tonsberg, Norway


2005-2007 Florence, Italy


2006 Trädgårdsföreningen in Gothenburg, Sweden


2005-2006 Säbylund Konstgård, Swede


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